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Welcome to Högsbyns Fritidscenter, Camping and Cabins

Högsbyns Fritidscenter is where nature is at its most beautiful, right in the middle of Dalsland by Lake Råvarpen. Here you can camp, rent a cabin or have summer camps. Dalsland is a mecca for canoeists, cyclists, anglers and hikers, but also perfect for those who just want to relax.

From the campsite you can rent a canoe, boat or head out on a hike! Located next to the campsite is a nature reserve with rock carvings from the Bronze Age.

There are many large lakes and hiking trails in the immediate vicinity, and it is not far to Dalsland attractions Håverud Aqueduct (10 km), Dals Rostock (25 km) with its herb garden and miniature train station or Bengtsfors (24 km) where you can ride a rail trolley, visit Halmenshus or begin your journey by canal boat.

Come to us, the perfect starting point for your holiday in Sweden!


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